Driving Theory Stopping Distances

The distance the car has traveled before the driver reacts to a hazard and the braking distance which is how long the car takes to stop once the brakes have been applied. Stopping distance is the total distance you travel before you apply the brakes plus the distance you travel while the brakes slow you down.

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The following table applies a factor dependent on the speed you are travelling.

Driving theory stopping distances. It should since its fairly simple to figure out. So 20mph x2 30mph x 25 40mph x 3 and so on. What is the stopping distance at 30mph.

Without even looking it up as I recall in the 70s the thinking distance was simp. If you were revising for the exam you could memorise all those figures or you could memorise a single equation to calculate them. Driving Theory Stopping Distances Stopping distances refer to the distance that you car is going to travel from the time that you decide that you need to press the brake through the time that the vehicle physically stops moving.

This is the distance the vehicle has travelled in the time it has taken to initially react to a hazard. This is the distance travelled from the instant the brakes of the vehicle are first applied up until the point when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. You must get at least 86 26 out of 30 of the questions correct to pass.

The following stopping distances relate to an average sized family car in normal weather conditions however it is also worth mentioning that a number of other factors can affect the. Braking distance is the distance you travel between hitting the brakes and actually coming to a stop. Stopping distances on wet or icy roads.

I didnt find this a problem years ago since it followed a simple formula and I still remember it decades later. Stopping distances is both. 120 feet is approximately equal to 120 310 metres 120103 metres 123 metres 36 metres.

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Stopping distance is small on dry road while stopping distance is large on wet road. Speed is in mph and distance is in feet. Thinking distance is the distance you travel between spotting the hazard and physically hitting the brake pedal.

The equation is as follows. We have thirty theory test questions based on the official DVSA test and the Highway Code. Remember in wet conditions stopping distances are doubled.

The distances are based on the average car length in the UK and assume the road is dry. Stopping distances for cars when driving is a calculation based on the drivers thinking distance. As you can see if you start from 20 mph and multiply by 2 then you get the stopping distances for 20 Mph then for 30 mph multiply by 25 and so on just start at 20 x 2 and go up by half for each additional 10 mph.

What affects stopping distance. One of the hardest things about driving is stopping and starting safely so once you have mastered this you will be well on your way to passing your test. Overall stopping distance at 40mph is 40 x 3 feet 120 feet.

Easy Stopping distance formula. Braking Distance is the distance your car travels after you have applied the brakes until your vehicle comes to a stop. Youll need to remember the distances for your theory test.

These braking distances are calculated under ideal conditions like alert driver level road good working brakes good tyre conditions. Do you know what the speed limit is on a single carriageway. The faster you are travelling the more momentum you have and the braking distance will therefore increase accordingly.

What is the overall stopping distance in metres distance at 40mph. Moving off on the flat To get yourself and the car ready to move and to make sure it is safe to start it is a good idea to follow a set routine. This image from the Highway Code gives you an idea of average stopping distances according to speed.

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Stopping distances at different speeds The stopping distance at 20mph is around 3 car lengths. Its first worth noting that a stopping distance thinking distance braking distance. On this video we look at Stopping DistancesWe hope you find this video useful please let us know if there are any other topics you would like us to cover o.

The thinking distance. Remembering stopping distances is easy. Time taken by car to come to stop after you have hit the brakes Weather Condition.

The driving theory test contains questions about stopping distances. The average car driving at 20 mph will travel 20 feet before coming to a complete stop however a car travelling at 40 mph will take 80 ft to come to a stop thats why its SO important not to exceed the speed. Average stopping distance.

Now there are two things that clearly influence what the stopping distance is. Thinking distance braking distance overall stopping distance.

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